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Chairman Li Leads a Delegation to Visit Europe

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-04-15



Chairman Li and Sir TERRY FARRELL CBE of Farrells exchange presents
From September 26, 2013 to October 5, Chairman Li Weibo led a delegation of Group executives to Europe to visit internationally renowned architectural firms and mining equipment manufacturers. 
Chairman Li and his party had their first site visits at the UK headquarters of SOM, Rogers Design Group and the Farrells, and discussed the planning and design of various real estate projects with executives of each design company. They also studied one project located in Hyde Park in London's Knightsbridge. Chairman Li conducted in-depth exchanges with key employees of the development company for this project, Candy Brothers, and communicated on a number of aspects of real estate development, hotel management and so on. Chairman Li said that the introduction of foreign advanced design concepts to raise the value of the Group's real estate projects would have far-reaching significance.
After studying the situation in the UK, Chairman Li and his party continued their investigation at Aitik copper mine of Boliden Group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The autogenous processing mill from this mine is one of the world's only mills currently operating in large-scale production. The machine uses gearless transmission, with a processing capacity of 18 million tons and a job rate higher than 97 %, exceeding the design capacity. The gearless drive technology is an important reference for large ditch iron ore beneficiation design. Chairman Li and his party also went to Kiruna Iron Mine and visited its underground mining museum. At the headquarters of AF Group, the Group executives received a report on the results of AF's simulation system for Dataigou iron ore mining crushing, transportation and lifting systems. At the same time, in-depth discussions were conducted with Bombardier, ABB, SCHALLKE, MNT and other companies on their proposed packages of turnkey engineering solutions. 
This visit provided an important and significant reference point for the numerous high-end Urban Complex Developments under the Group's real estate business segment, and also strengthened the mutual understanding with excellent international mining design teams, laying a good foundation for the future introduction of internationally advanced mining and dressing technology and equipment for large ditch mining. 


Chairman Li investigates at Aitik copper mine of Boliden Group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden 


Group photo between Chairman Li and foreign experts on the turnkey engineering conference in Stockholm




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