GHG Business

Real Estate & Hotels

The Glory Harvest Group's core business interests in the real estate sector include urban renewal, property leasing, interior design and construction.In the hotel sector, the Glory Harvest Group owns two brands.


Mining & Energy

The Group has invested in the Dataigou iron ore mine in Benxi, Liaoning Province, as well as in gold, molybdenum ore and limestone mines in Inner Mongolia. The Dataigou mine has proven reserves of 5.2 billion tons and prospective reserves of 10 billion tons of iron ore.


Environmental Protection

Six companies have been founded under the Huayun name, specializing in deep waste management.


Internet of Things

Genuine Innovative takes anti-counterfeiting as the core business of IOT.


China Gene

GHG has entered the China Gene industry.



Glory Harvest is also involved in the following industries: graphene, biotechnology, financial and insurance, network ecosystems, B2B for fast-moving consumer goods, digital cloud printing, cross-border e-commerce, radio frequency identification technology tags, and wireless charging.