1.Talents are the most valuable wealth for Glory Harvest Group.
2.Talents are the most significant assets for Glory Harvest Group.
3.Talents are sources for sustainable development of Glory Harvest Group.
1. Attract talents through employer brand.
2. Cultivate talents through enterprise culture.
3. Manage talents through performance management.
4. Keep talents through career development.
1. Recruitment principle: Those who are most suitable are best choices. Recruit workers on a selective basis, and give full play to their advantages.
2. Deployment principle: Get the right person for the right job, and give full scope to talents. Respect personal willingness and plan as a whole.
3. Source of talents: All fresh graduates, working people, and retirees are welcome.
4. Anti-corruption and honesty: All employed senior executives shall sign the Memorandum of Anti-Corruption and Honesty.
1. Performance system: Establish the KPI performance management system based on the Group's operation goals.
2. Incentive mechanism: Stick to performance-oriented approaches and management by objectives (MBO). Give valid incentive rewards in a timely manner.
3. Incentive principle: Stick to positive incentives, exceed expectations, and create moving moments.
1.Salary level: provide a very competitive salaries in the industry.
2.Salary structures: Fixed salary + Performance bonus + Year-end bonus + President’s Special Award.
3.Welfare and benefits package:
    3.1 Social insurance: enjoy the national pension insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, and maternity insurance;
    3.2 Housing fund: enjoy the statuary national housing fund; (Note: the company will contribute 12% of the employee’s monthly average salary into the employee’s housing fund.)
    3.3 Paid annual vacation: employees who have been working for one year in the company, except for statutory holidays, such as national public holidays and marital leave, maternity leave, etc., will have a paid annual vacation.
    3.4 Commercial insurance: according to the company’s regulation, our company willi offer every employee a group accident insurance plan.
     3.5 Holiday benefits: The company will offer special gifts or cash for employees in some National holidays, such as March 8 Women's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and other holidays.
    3.6 Birthday Gifts: The employees will have a personalized custom birthday gifts provided by the company ;
    3.7 Other various benefits: Employees will enjoy Lunch benefits, communication allowance, assignment allowance,commuting cost reimbursement, Directors & Company Executives’ benefits and so on according to the company’s regulations;
    3.8 Scholarships: According to the company’s regulations, employees who have been working for one year, will have a scholarship or a scholarship award for achieving a higher education degree;
    3.9 Hotel discount offer: Employees will enjoy a special discount for booking the company’s hotels.
    3.10 Cultural activities: The company will organize the annual ball, travel, team building activities and other fantastic cultural activities.
1. Labor contract: The Group signs labor contracts with all employees, and rights and obligations of the two parties are defined clearly.
2. Communication system: The Group establishes an unlimited communication system that enables employees to communicate in multiple ways at any time.
3. Glory Harvest Group: All employees can learn corporate news and express their own opinions on Glory Harvest Group.
4. Employee activities: Employees can participate in colorful team activities such as travel and contest.
5. Annual celebration: Banquet, lottery activities, and evening gala are available on Spring Festival each year.
1. Hardware environment: Corporate offices are all located in the best local office buildings that boast convenient transportation and cozy environment.
2. Software environment: Office automation is implemented through OA system so as to standardize internal processes.
3. Working atmosphere: The Group is dedicated to creating a simple, harmonious, efficient and positive interpersonal atmosphere.