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Maoming Shanliao Village Association Members Visit Glory Harvest Group

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-04-15


In the afternoon of November 28th, members of New Rural Construction Promotion Association, Shanliao Village, Poxin Town, Maogang District, Maoming City, arrived at the Glory Harvest Group for visit and exchanges. As founding president of the Association, Group Chairman Mr. Li Weibo and his staff warmly received the visiting Association members. 

 Members of Shanliao Village Association visited the Group's offices, and listened intently to the presentation by the reception staff on the status of the Group's property and future real estate development projects. Subsequently, Chairman Li and the Association members held a symposium. At this meeting, Chairman Li showed the Association members the Shanliao New Rural Construction planning renderings, detailing the residential, commercial and industrial construction and development plans for the area. Chairman Li then exchanged ideas and discussed the plans with the Association members. The Association members gave their recognition and approval to Chairman Li's unique and advanced vision, expressing that they will actively promote the work of the Association. Chairman Li also said that he has always been enthusiastic about hometown construction and upholds the idea of giving back to one's hometown. It is for this reason that he planned the establishment of the Shanliao Village Association, as well as this exchange session with Association members. It is also his hope that the Association can contribute to jointly improving the social and economic development of Shanliao Village and the lives of the inhabitants. 

The Shanliao Village Association was founded on August 29th, with the founding intention to create a Shanliao version of a "Huaxi Village".  As founding president, Chairman Li, always mindful of hometown development and construction, has shown his sincere commitment and love. The exchanges with Association members will further promote the Shanliao Association in the launch of this local New Rural Construction project. 

It is understood that the Association members also visited the Fulda Industrial Park, Yiwu Small Commodity City, Xi Park and the Shenzhen Bay Mangrove Binhai Avenue on the same day. 


Shanliao Village Association members visits the Group's offices


 Chairman Li Weibo explains the Shanliao construction plans


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