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Chairman Li Passes on Warmth in His Visit

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-12-23


On the morning of December 10th, Chairman Li Weibo, General Manager Liu Zheng and other executives of Glory Harvest Group, accompanied by Secretary of Luohu Dongmen Sub-district Office Luo Zhiwei, paid a visit to some of the needy residents of Dongmen in deep compassion. They gained a better understanding of the living situation of these residents and brought them gifts and donations. 

During the visit, Ms. Han, one of the needy households, upon learning of Chairman Li's visit, took hold of his hand and shook it while thanking him profusely. Ms. Han is blind for all intents and purposes, and can only vaguely sense light. She has spent 20 years in the dark. Chairman Li questioned her with great concern about the circumstances of her life and her health, expressing his desire to assist her as much as possible. Arriving at the house of Ms. Chen Xiaoyun, it was obvious by the cramped and narrow living space and basic amenities that the life of a single mother is not easy. Ms. Chen was very moved, and choked up several times when describing the hardship of her life, single-handedly supporting her school-age daughter. She said that Chairman Li's donations would allow her daughter a better chance at school, and help her greatly to improve their lives. She was extremely grateful for Chairman Li's assistance. Secretary Luo Zhiwei applauded Chairman Li's public-spirited charity, affirming that these aid activities would have an important effect on alleviating the burdens of life for the residents concerned. 

It is known that in December of last year, during the Luohu District Matching Donation event, Chairman Li donated 1,000,000 RMB, which was matched with 100 needy families in the Luohu District. Every family received 800 RMB in assistance for every month of the year. During this visit, a deeper understanding of the circumstances in the lives of these needy families allowed everyone to have a better understanding of the significance of Chairman Li's donations. It is reported that Chairman Li will maintain his donations and continue to assist these needy families.


Chairman Li visits Ms. Han


General Manager Liu Zheng visits a needy family in Luoling Community


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