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Chairman Li Donates One Million Yuan to Dianbai Chamber of Commerce

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-12-23



On May 28, Glory Harvest’s chairman Weibo Li donated one million yuan to Shenzhen Dianbai Chamber of Commerce and was assigned the honorary chairman of Shenzhen Dianbai Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the permanent honorary chairman of Shenzhen Dianbai Chamber of Commerce. The donation will be used for poverty reduction, disaster relief, education, and other charitable projects as well as to cover the operational expenses of the chamber.

The 2014 Dianbai Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice Chairman Meeting was held in February at the headquarters of Glory Harvest Group to raise fund for the chamber. Since its establishment in 2001, the chamber has facilitated a better connection to promote cooperative opportunities among its members, who are Dianbai people doing business or working in Shenzhen. Born and growing up in Dianbai, chairman Li has always kept his hometown in mind and actively work with the chamber to make contribution to Dianbai’s brighter future.


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