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The Li Weibo Foundation Won The Red Cup Bronze Award

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2016-11-10



In June 30th , at the opening ceremony of Guangdong poverty relief day event, the  Li Weibo foundation with the outstanding love performance in pairing support activities organized by Shenzhen Luohu district, was awarded the bronze award "Guangdong poverty relief red cup".

"Guangdong poverty relief red cup" was to conduct commendation for making outstanding contributions to poverty alleviation activities in the province of individuals, enterprises, community and advanced teams with outstanding demonstration effect. Among them, the granted objects of the red cup bronze award were the units and individuals who had been donated special funds of Guangdong poverty relief day event below 5 millions yuan and 1 million yuan above to province Red Cross, charity,poverty relief foundation in the last year. Since 2012, Li Weibo charitable foundation responded to the call of Guangdong poverty relief day event and initiatively participated in the Guangdong poverty relief theme of " Luohu Love" organized by Luohu district, donated respectively 1 million yuan in 2012 and 2013, which were used for the improvement of difficult family life in Luohu area, and achieved remarkable results in pairing support activities of Guangdong poverty relief day event, thus was awarded this prize.

Shenzhen Li Weibo charitable foundation was set up by Chairman Li Weibo of the Glory Harvest Group. At the development of the Glory Harvest, meanwhile, Chairman Li has been never stopped for the investment of social public welfare charity and has been accumulated donation totaling 60 millions at Shenzhen and Hong Kong over the years. In future, Li Weibo charitable foundation would continue to carry forward the purpose "establishing corporate social responsibility platform, promoting social harmony and progress" to dedicate heart-love and to serve the society.



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