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Glory Harvest University’s Held Seminar on Mobile Internet

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-12-23


Mr. Xinshan Huang giving speech in the seminar


A seminar focusing on how Mobile Internet transforms business was held on July 15, 2014 at Zense Hotel. The seminar was led by Mr Xinshan Huang, the president and the CEO of Shenzhen KYX Technology Co. and attracted about 60 attendees, including Glory Harvest’s chairman Mr. Weibo Li, the senior executives of each department and subsidiary and headquarters staff.


In Mr. Huang’s speech, he explained the development and trends of the Network Society, the influences brought by the Mobile Internet to our daily life and business and how O2O is operated under Mobile Internet. According to Mr. Huang, the society will go through five stages: PC era, Internet era, Mobile Internet era, Internet of Things era and Big Data era. Currently, we are in the era of Mobile Internet, which has significantly impacted today’s businesses. To ensure our enterprises are on the right track, particular attention must be paid to the demand of internal management innovation and the transition of business pattern drawn by such trend.


At the end of the seminar, Chairman Li pointed out, Glory Harvest Group should embrace the development of Big Data and proactively implement E-Commerce technology based on the current characteristics of real estate, hospitality and tobacco industry. This parallels with Glory Harvest’s values of innovation. According to Chairman Li, an E-Business circle needs to be established to serve as the online platform for the 3000 commercial tenants the group have in Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Centre in Shenzhen, The Jiale Audio and Visual Accessories City in Guangzhou and the shopping malls embedded in our future development projects; There is also a need to create an online portal for our hotels and achieve marketing innovations by adopting the Mobile Internet technology.


Mr. Huang is the vice chairman of Shenzhen Mobile Internet Association, an expert in automatic identification technology and mobile digital certification, a specialist in QE code research and application and the founder of Shenzhen KYX Technology Co., which provides comprehensive O2O service to the online platform of over 3000 clients, including Taobao, Alipay, Jingdong and Yihaodian. By including Mr. Huang, this seminar allows participants to have a deeper exploration of the Mobile Internet Era and encourages them to think innovatively and stay up-to-date with the industry.


Chairman Li in his speech at the end of the seminar


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