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Li Weibo Charitable Foundation Will Focus on Three Projects

Author: 万利加 CreateDate: 2015-12-23


Representatives of the Group are having a meeting with leaders of the CPPCC of Luohu District 


On the afternoon of July 16, Mr. Zhou Xiangyang, President of the CPPCC of Luohu District and Chairman of the Charitable Foundation of Luohu District visited the headquarters of Glory Harvest Group to learn about the development situation of the Group and exchange ideas with Chairman Li on the development of the Li Weibo Charitable Foundation. Other guests included Li Zhirong and Song Qiang, Vice Presidents of the CPPCC of Luohu District, Liao Shengrong, Secretary of the District CPPCC, Liang Rui, Director of Civil Affairs Bureau of Luohu District, Xia Gang, Vice Director of the Bureau, and Fan Xiaohua, Office Director of the District Charity Association. 

Chairman Li shared his ideas on entrepreneur social responsibilities, and expressed that an entrepreneur should not forget to pay back the society when his or her enterprise was well developed. During the meeting, Chairman Li pointed that the Li Weibo Charitable Foundation would focus on the following three projects in the future: 1. Orphan Care Project: build an orphanage and set up a professional management team to take care of orphans; 2. Graduate Entrepreneurship and Education Investment Project; 3. Poverty Relief Project. 

Mr. Liang Rui was deeply impressed by Chairman Li's strong sense of social responsibility, and thanked Chairman Li for help impoverished residents of Luohu District. Mr. Liang Rui said that Chairman Li Weibo set a good example for other enterprises to help impoverished persons, and that Chairman Li's beneficence not only benefited the persons in need but also generated good social effects. The implementation of these projects would surely promote the further development of charities in Luohu District. 

Mr. Zhou Xiangyang appreciated Glory Harvest Group's future planning, acknowledged Chairman Li's contribution to charities, and spoke highly of Li Weibo Charitable Foundation's three Projects, especially the Orphan Care Project. Mr. Zhou said that three projects of the Li Weibo Charitable Foundation were very meaningful charitable activities, and the government of Luohu District would give full support to the implementation of these projects. 

Since 2012, the Li Weibo Charitable Foundation has been actively taking part in the "One-one poverty relief" activities in Luohu District and has donated a total of two million Yuan to 200 impoverished families, which was praised by the government and won a good reputation from the public. The visit of CPPCC leaders of Luohu District was an acknowledgement to Chairman Li's charitable deeds, and would help promote the cooperation of Li Weibo Charitable Foundation and Luohu Charity Association in charity development of Luohu District. 

Liu Zheng, General Manager of the Real Estate Department, Guan Lihui, Vice General Manager of the Real Estate Department, Lai Wen, Chairman Assistant, and Li Fengju, Chairman Secretary of Glory Harvest Group attended the meeting. 

President Zhou Xiangyang Asked About The Enterprise StatusPresident Zhou Xiangyang is asking about the company status of the Group 


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