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Glory Harvest Group Holds HR-Themed Salon

Author: 沙漠风 CreateDate: 2015-04-14


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From July 18 to 19, Glory Harvest Group held the HR-Themed Salon in Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel in Zhuhai, Guangdong. During the Salon, the Group members held discussions on strategic planning, management and allocation of human resources, personnel training and motivating. There was also a sharing session of Huawei strategic management cases. The attendees of the Salon included Chairman Li Weibo, the senior management and key employees of each department and subsidiaries, and persons in charge of Glory Harvest Group real estate. 

After a short video chronicling big human resources events of the Group, the HR & Administration Department issued two letters of appointment. Whereby, Huang Xiyin and Liu Zheng were appointed Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Glory Harvest Group respectively. Following that, Guan Lihui, Director of the HR & Administration Department of the Group, made a keynote speech about this Salon. He explained in detail the strategic planning of human resources, the functions of human resources at the headquarters of the Group, and personnel training and motivating. Senior managers from each department and subsidiaries also made keynote speeches, in which they made suggestions on how to manage the current human resources of the Group, and offered ideas on how to perform human resources work from the point of the nature of the business sectors, providing insights for all the attendees of the Salon. During the discussion session, the attendees raised questions and expressed ideas on strategic planning of human resources of the Group in an open, interactive and relaxed atmosphere. The discussion opened the mind of the attendees, promoted interactions between them, and helped the Group to reach a consensus on human resources strategy. 

Chairman Li summarized the human resources strategies in each stage of Glory Harvest Group and listed the Group's personnel motivation measures. He also talked about Glory Harvest Group's strategic planning of future development to cater to the development trend of a mobile Internet era. The Group's COO Liu Zheng made a summary of the HR Salon. He explained the background and framing of the Salon, and then pointed that the purpose of this Salon was to provide guidance for the strategic planning of the Group's human resources. 

The Group also invited Doctor Jiang Weiliang to share Huawei's strategic management cases in the Salon. Doctor Jiang reviewed his management experience in Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., and explained Huawei's updates of strategies in different stages from its inception through reform and development to the blooming stage before giving suggestions on how to make and implement business strategies for a company. The audiences responded actively to Doctor Jiang's speech and had vigorous discussions on company strategies while exploring applicable strategies for Glory Harvest Group's four major business sectors. 

The Salon provided examples and references for Glory Harvest Group on HR policy-making and effective implementation of HR strategies, while giving new insights on how to attract, train and keep talents. This would surely give a hand in lighting a further development of Glory Harvest Group. 

The Salon was jointed hosted by the University of Glory Harvest Group and the HR & Administration Department. During the Salon, Chairman Li and the other attendees visited the Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort in Hengqin Island, Zhuhai, Guangdong. 


Doctor Jiang Weiliang is sharing Huawei's strategic management cases 


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