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Governor of Liaoning Province Cheng Zhenggao Meets with Chairman Li in Hong Kong

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-04-15


 Governor of Liaoning Province has a friendly talk with Chairman Li Weibo

On February 25th, the governor of Liaoning Province, who was carrying out economic and trade activities in Hong Kong, met with Chairman of Glory Harvest Group Li Weibo and listened to the progress of Dataigou iron ore project and enterprise needs. 

Governor Chen Zhenggao showed great concern to the Dataigou iron ore project. After listening to Chairman Li's introduction, Governor Chen commended the development of Dataigou iron ore mine. He praised the huge iron ore deposit in Dataigou, and expected that Benxi Dataigou Mining Co., Ltd. make persistent efforts and be put into production at early as possible so as to stimulate the economic development of Benxi and provide strategic guarantee of resources for iron and steel enterprises in Liaoning province. Meanwhile, Governor Chen asked about problems encountered by the enterprise with patience on the site and arranged for dedicated personnel to solve the problems to facilitate implementation of the project. 

In 2014, with the start of well drilling for exploration of the iron ore, the project enters a new phase owing to government support and motivation. Benxi Dataigou Mining Co., Ltd. will intensify efforts on development, increase investment on capital and technology, and comprehensively push forward the development of the project both in depth and in depth so as to achieve the target set for the output and the efficiency as early as possible and drive the local economic development. 

Benxi Dataigou Mining Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Glory Harvest Group, invested a total of 398 million and found that Dataigou is home to an iron ore reserve of 5.192 billion tons. Benxi Dataigou Mining Co., Ltd. plans to invest a total of 23 billion yuan and build the Dataigou iron ore mine into an ultra-large underground mine with annual mining capacity of 45 million tons. If the mine is built, the enterprise will yield an annual gross industrial output of 12 billion, a business tax of 4 billion and create more than 5,000 jobs. 

It is learned that from February 24th to 27th, Governor of Liaoning Province Chen Zhenggao led a economic and trade delegation for economic and trade exchanges in Hong Kong. He also met many other renowned entrepreneurs including the Chairman of Kerry Group, Guo Henian and President of China National Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation, Zhang Xue Wu. 


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