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Keep Moving---WRT Battled in the Xiamen International Marathon

Author: 沙漠风 CreateDate: 2015-12-23


Group Photo

At 9: am of 12th December, 5 days after the Shenzhen International Marathon, the Half Marathon and the 10-km race of the Xiamen International Marathon in 2016 was held in Haicang District. Chairman Li, with more than 20 runners of WRT (Wanma Running Team, founded by Li Weibo), renewed the record of Shenzhen Half Marathon at 2 hours and 6 minutes.

Under the guidance of Chairman Li, relying on the spirit of superego and never giving up, runners competed in the Half Marathon finished the race at 2 hours and 6 minutes, which was 7 minutes faster than in the Shenzhen Half Marathon . And the remaining partners were successfully completed the 10-km race. It’s the second time that WRT participated in the International Marathon, also another challenge for themselves. 

Chairman Li has been striving to culture construction of GHG with his own positive energy. He founded the WRT, leaded his staff to run and advocated the concept of "hard work, happy life". The Participation in this race not only poured the passion and vitality to employees, and encouraged them to challenge themselves to the peak in work.

After this, WRT will continue to challenging themselves, running happily, and start the next racing trip, full with passion and power.





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