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A seminar was held to discuss about the development of Dianbai District

Author: 沙漠风 CreateDate: 2015-11-26


On June 27, approximately 20 officials from Dianbai District visited the headquarters of Glory Harvest Group and attended a seminar held by the group to discuss future development of Dianbai District.

In the seminar, Glory Harvest’s chairman Weibo Li presented a plan to raise fund to improve the landscape of the Shanliao Village and explained the perspective renderings of the new Shanliao Village in details. Chairman Li said Glory Harvest Group will carry out this project by devoting themselves to new concepts, innovations and stringent standards so that it would help to improve the living quality of the local community.

As an entrepreneur from Dianbai, Chairman Li has spared no effort to the development of his hometown and his work has received acknowledgement from Mr. Xiaotao Liu, who is the secretary of the Party committee of Dianbai District. Mr. Liu said Chairman Li's suggestion is a good idea that Dianbai entrepreneurs could support impoverished students on a one-on-one basis and Chairman Li’s proposal for a new Shanliao Village is of high importance. Mr. Liu promised that the local government of Dianbai District will fully support Chairman Li's project to develop his hometown.


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