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Leaders of BJOP Visit Glory Harvest Group

Author: 万利加 CreateDate: 2015-04-14


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On September 18, a team of more than 10 persons from BJOP including President Bernadette PINET-CUOQ and Vice President Gerard ATLAN visited the headquarters of Glory Harvest Group. The team held a meeting with Huang Yuqiong, Director of Economic Development Bureau of Luohu District, Guo Guilin, Vice Director of Economic Development Bureau of Luohu District, Chairman Li and COO Liu Zheng of Glory Harvest Group as well as Wu Fenghua, President of TTF Studio Jewelry. Participants of the meeting discussed Sino-French co-operations in building high-end fashion and boutique industrial park and international comprehensive college of arts in Luohu District. 

During the meeting, Chairman Li first introduced the development situation of Glory Harvest Group, and then explained the construction plan of the fashion and boutique industrial park in detail. Chairman Li expressed his willingness to co-operate with the French Jewelry Association to jointly promote the construction of the industrial park. The industrial park is planned to take the theme of international fashion industry, and its major functions are the R&D, production, display, trading and experience of fashion products. 

Director Huang Yuqiong pointed that Shenzhen was a significant window for gold and jewelry transactions between mainland China and other countries and areas as well as an important center of fashion industries in China. "Close to Hong Kong, Luohu district is geographically endowed in respect of fashion industry development," said Director Huang, "Luohu government will make policies on supporting fashion industries to create better development environment in the future." He also welcomed the co-operation between BJOP and Glory Harvest Group and welcomed relevant French enterprises to Shenzhen. 

Mr. Bernadette PINET-CUOQ of BJOP learned in detail the orientation and development plan of the industrial park as well as issues of future co-operations between the French Jewel Association (or French enterprises) and Glory Harvest Group, and showed great interest in the co-operation. 

Right now, Glory Harvest Group is working on urban renewal of Xinxiu, Louhu district, aiming at building a high-end fashion and boutique industrial park there which integrates outstanding local fashion industries in Shenzhen and mainland China. The meeting with representatives of BJOP laid a good foundation for the internationalization of the industrial park in the future. 
Meeting with French guests 

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