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Glory Harvest Group Launches the Strategic Control and IT Consultancy Project

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-03-23


On July 15, 2011, Glory Harvest Group partnered with Kingdee to launch a strategic control and IT consultancy project.


Glory Harvest’s CEO Ms. Zhu addressed the significance of IT consultancy project for Glory Harvest’s future development and encouraged her staff to seize this opportunity to improve their management competency.


President of Kingdee Mr. Guohua Feng believed the cooperation would enormously benefit the future development of both parties.

Kingdee will provide onsite consultancy services to Glory Harvest Group. This strategic cooperation with Kingdee allows the group to clarify its future strategic development and facilitates efficient communication among departments and subsidiaries. Integrating IT into group’s management could also optimize the operation control system, improve corporate governance structure, enhance group’s core competitivenesses and drive strategic project implementation. 


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