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Glory Harvest Group – China Genetics Group and Genuine Innovative Group Are Launched

Author: ghg CreateDate: 2018-05-14


On the morning of March 22, the launch ceremony for China Gene and Genuine Innovative Group took place at Winlead Intelligence Park in Bantian. The launch of China Genetics Group signified that a world-class genetics and life sciences research and commercialization base was established officially in Shenzhen, Guangdong. With the commercialization of research results from this genetics research base led by Professor Collins, chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Professor Gao Guangping, elect chairman of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, and others, China Genetics Group will be a world leader in the field of human genetics and cell research, better benefiting humanity.

 As a company committed to “anti-counterfeiting and traceability + IoT + AI +New Retail + Industry Chain”, Genuine Innovative Group is dedicated to providing anti-counterfeiting, big data analysis, and precision marketing solutions for such sectors as product safety and food safety and offers guarantee for product safety for government, merchants, and consumers through “cracking down on counterfeits, protecting genuineness, and preventing marketing malpractices”. Meanwhile, it seeks to build a smart technology new-retail eco-chain through “new manufacturing + new circulation + new retail + new finance”.



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