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A Science Geek Hopes to Defeat Ma Yun’s Supermarkets

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2018-01-19


Li Wenhua, from Hong Kong, is a Virgo science geek. He gave up his high-paying job at a foreign company and went to Shenzhen alone to start a business. Facing Ma Yun’s and JD’s supermarket territories, he used smart technology as an edge to make gains against these capital giants. He has opened Shenzhen’s first unmanned facial recognition 24-hour store, about 100m2, and his blueprint of integrating and upgrading 2,000 smart retail stores nationwide has been put on the agenda. Under the historical background that the physical retail industry is slowing down, Li Wenhua hopes to usher in the rebirth of the traditional retail industry with his own additions of science and technology.    




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