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Visiting The Less Fortunate, Li Weibo Foundation Representatives Send New Year’s Wishes

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2016-11-01


From February 1-2, following the Li Weibo Foundation’s 2016 plan to strengthen poverty relief activities, and in accordance with Chairman Li’s instructions, Chairman of the Group office Xiao Lin and Luohu District Civil Affairs Bureau Leaders paid a series of joint sympathy visits to a number of assisted families. Visiting impoverished families in the Dongmen and Dongxiao area, the representatives sent their care and New Year’s blessings, and attempted to reach a deeper understanding of these families’ living conditions. The Li Weibo Charitable Foundation has been fully committed to its poverty alleviation work. These visits are not only attempting to communicate the Foundations wishes and love to the assisted families, they are also an attempt for the Foundation to gain a deeper understanding of these affected families’ lives and difficulties, and provide a basis for stronger and more effective poverty alleviation work in the future.

Li Weibo Foundation representative presenting relief funds



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