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Mayor Gao Inspects the Dataigou Mining Construction Site

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-05-15


TMayor Gao (second from the right) inspects the Dataigou mining construction site 

On June 12, Mr. Hongbin Gao, the Mayor of Benxi Municipal Council inspected the construction site of the Dataigou No.1 mine with Mr. Huidong, the vice general manager of Dataigou Mining Co., Ltd., and Ms. Li Zhou, the director of the group’s ground construction department. Mr. Gao offered a few suggestions based on the working report presented by the group.

To have a thorough idea about the exploration progress and future development plan of Dataigou for the next five years, Mr. Gao enquired about the construction progress of the No.1 Mine and the development plans for the No. 2 and No.3 Mine in details while carefully listening to the development scheme of the initial exploration project. Inspired by Mr. Gao, the local government has put a lot effort on the key projects in Benxi and formed a consulting group to assist the development of Dataigou.

The project has reached a new stage when the Dataigou Mining commenced the construction of the first vertical shaft this year. The management team of local government has provided significant support in public relations and policy consultancy to solve the problems encountered by the company. In return, Dataigou Mining will make every effort to improve their performance and make contributions to the local economy.


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