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Two Projects Promote IT-based Group Management

Author: 叶丹 CreateDate: 2015-04-15


Group photo of attendees at the kick-off meeting of E-HR project

The kick-off meeting of Group human resource system and big data decision-making analysis system was held successfully from June 19 to 20, making the Glory Harvest Group even closer to its goal of realizing IT-based enterprise management system. Attendees at the kick-off meeting included the Glory Harvest Group Chairman Mr. Li Weibo, executives from each department of the Group and subsidiaries, project team members, as well as the representatives and project leaders of the partners. 

E-HR is a comprehensive solution that uses modern information technology to perform management of human resources. At the kick-off meeting, Chairman Li announced the launch of the project and pointed out that E-HR project is an advanced, practical, unified and integrated human resource management information platform and an important guarantee for control of human resources and talent team construction. In order to realize the standardization of IT-based human resource management, the Group would vigorously promote the implementation of the project. The sales director of Neusoft Group Co., Ltd Mr Yang Lide said, with the great importance to which the management of the Glory Harvest Group attached, Neusoft would push the completion of the E-HR project with high quality by means of the professional service system, and would do their best to make the E-HR project of the Glory Harvest Group a benchmarking project of Neusoft in Shenzhen. 

The launch of the big data decision-making analysis system project is another major move to promote the use of ITs in Group management. At the kick-off meeting, Director of Group's Information Management Department Wang Piwei pointed out the big data decision-making analysis system project is of great significance to enterprise development, and project implementation director of the data intelligence company Wang Dan introduced the project implementation plan and the requirements for the project team. It is understood that the big data decision-making analysis system can enhance the data integration efficiency within the Group by integrating the information of financial statements, and take over the previous structure construction analysis system of the analysis report, improve the flexibility of the sub-report, and increase analysis efficiency. Glory Harvest Group planned to implement the big data decision-making analysis system project in two phases, with phase I to be completed in an estimated period of 2 months. When phase I passes inspection and becomes matured through use, the Group will implement phase II as it may be appropriate. 

The launch of human resource system and big data decision-making analysis system are important initiatives to promote the use of ITs in the management of the Group with adherence to Chairman Li's idea of "digitalization, standardization and IT integration of management". The E-HR project would set up the human resource management system architecture for the Group's human resource department and unify the personnel information management platform. The big data decision-making analysis system that deals with the financial management could integrate the financial statements of subordinate companies to realize the lean financial analysis. This would further push forward the construction of a centralized IT-based management system in the Group, hereby improving the management level of the Group. 

 Launch of big data decision-making analysis system





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